About the Author

This blog is a personal declaration of belief.  I write according to the dictates of my own conscience, my own philosophy, and my own understanding.  Of course I believe it’s the right point of view; I wouldn’t believe it otherwise!  But I reserve the right to be wrong, and will gladly admit mistakes in the presence of new information.  What I write here is the perspective of believer but in no way official Church doctrine.


I am a Statistician…an Artist.  I am passionate about learning new things and wrestling with ideas.  Statistics provides a platform to learn about any science, business, industry, etc.  I am a collaborator, a consultant and a teacher on a mission to discover! To discover truths, trends or insights that can help us see things in new ways.

I am constantly updating my priors and give low probabilistic support to anything that suggests “studies show…”


I’m about as Mormon as you can get.  With all my heart and mind I believe in Mormon scripture, attend weekly Mormon services (all three hours), and participate in the Church’s lay ministry to the best of my abilities in whatever capacity I’m asked.  I served a full-time mission in Switzerland and France and graduated from Brigham Young University.

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