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“No weapon formed against you shall prosper…”

The Lord has the magnificent ability to make “all things work together for good to them that love God” (Romans 8:28).  This is far more than adding sugar to life-given lemons.  This is taking the despicable actions of jealous older brothers selling Joseph into slavery and using it as the means of saving the whole House of Israel.  This is taking items and events intended as mockery and sedition and using them as symbols of His power and deliverance.  Fig leaves, nails, crosses, torn flesh, spilled blood. All things meant to lead to the Fall of Man or the death of a God, transformed into sacred tokens.  

In this way suffering, regardless of the cause, can be used to accomplish God’s work for our own salvation.  The Lord can make us, sinful and wretched, into saints in the same magnificent manner that He makes sacred what Satan would have used to thwart the Lord’s work of salvation.  

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