Take II

It’s unlikely that any of you noticed, but I haven’t been around these parts in…what’s today?  About two years.  The abundance of blustery hot air that fogs the internet caused me to question whether it was worth the emotional investment required to contribute something more than an occasional quote.  Besides, my earlier efforts were greatly filtered.  My favorite thoughts were kept safe on ink-stained paper in a drawer beside my bed.  Only the least personal, and quite frankly the most cynical musings ended up online.  And if you can’t be brilliant, you have to be willing to be personal; otherwise the effort only contributes to the noise of digitally accumulated clutter.  

So I’m going to try this again.  I will not promise regularity but in exchange I promise to do my part to minimize the growth of clutter and not post for posting’s sake.  If by some chance my perspective helps some soul have a brighter day or see things in a new way then I will be satisfied that yes, it is worth the effort.  

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