Good Tree, Good Fruit

Funny how the same words can be spoken with opposite meaning depending on intent.  For example, an exasperated father can throw his hands up and say, “what more can I do?” as in, “he’s just so stubborn and will never learn. I want to ring his little neck! What more can I do?”  Or this could be a silent and sincere plea to the Lord for help as in, “Father, I have no more strength. My patience is expired. What can I do now to ensure that my son feels my love for him and Thine. What more can I do?”  The former perspective is self gratifying with an answer implied: nothing!  The latter acknowledges ignorance and hungers for enlightenment.

Try reading the questions below and see if you don’t feel the difference by simply switching perspectives.  Regardless of the answer, when humbly asked, these questions could rend the Heavens and call down inspiration from God or otherwise terminate any possibility of enlightenment:

What more can I do?

What’s so great about Isaiah? or

What can I learn from Isaiah that I can’t learn elsewhere in the scriptures?

Why should I study the Book of Mormon?

Isn’t the Bible sufficient?

Why would we need living prophets?

Isn’t the Holy Ghost enough?

Maybe the answer really is “nothing” or “we don’t” or “it is.”  But there’s only one way to ask where the answer isn’t predetermined.

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