I have recently heard a great deal from pastors and pundits on radio, in print, and even on broadway about what I supposedly believe.  It would be waste of time and space to try to address two hundred years of accumulated misinformation.  But I can begin to document what I really believe, not what you heard I believe.

You see, I’m a Mormon, and about as Mormon as you can get.  With all my heart and mind I believe in Mormon scripture, attend weekly Mormon services (all three hours), and participate in the Church’s lay ministry to the best of my abilities in whatever capacity I’m asked.  I served a full-time mission in Switzerland and France.  And most of my ancestors walked across the plains and settled in the Utah territory.  So what I write here is the perspective of a believer but in no way official Church doctrine

I write according to the dictates of my own conscience, my own philosophy, and my own understanding.  Of course I believe it’s the right point of view; I wouldn’t believe it otherwise!  But I reserve the right to and even expect to change my beliefs, and will gladly admit mistakes in the presence of new information.

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